About Us

Tanja de MeillonĀ  completed a two year COSMETOLOGY/BEAUTY THERAPY course in 1993.

After receiving student of the year prizes for both consecutive years, she was offered a position as therapist at a leading pharmacy in her home town. Here she worked for 5 years. She was offered work at a professional Beauty Therapy Clinic and worked there for two years until the next offer landed her a position as Head Therapist of a brand new Clinic. She ran this Clinic for about 3 years and felt it was time to move on and open her own Salon from home.

Sweet Serenity Beauty and Pamper Clinic was opened as a sole proprietor in 2003 and has expanded this year to form a closed corporation in 2011 under the same name.

“Therefore, after 18 years of working in the industry (training aside), she comes to her ultimate goal in offering her clients highly professional services in an environment that reminds one of a Luxurious Spa, rejuvenates the soul and impresses with expected results.

Tanja believes in sharing her salon with companies and products that characterize integrity, intensive quality and accurate delivery.
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