Serenity Health has branched from Sweet Serenity Beauty as we believe that health is the vein through which beauty flows. We are excited to extend our services regarding holistic health. We believe that treating and pampering the body has a rejuvenating effect that reaches into the soul. Now allow the natural remedies we supply to rejuvenate your body, giving it the tools to heal and repair itself the way God intended it to. We promote responsible living and want to partner with you on your journey by making advisable products and services available to you. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Stockists of:

Lilian Terry International Homeopathic Aromatherapy Complexes The range is 100% natural. It is a complex synergy between homeopathic ingredients and essential oils which penetrate the skin creating a unique and powerful result. Some of the benefits include: Cellular detoxification, Excretion of heavy metals accumulated from environmental pollution, improvement in blood circulation, assisting in lymph drainage, increased oxygen supply to the tissues, stimulating the immune system, enhancing skin texture, tone and elasticity and delaying the process of ageing.
Health Suppliments

Olive Leaf with Calcium & Magnesium – Ca+Mg+zn (90 Vegan Tablets)

Buffered with calcium, magnesium and zinc to facilitate detoxification

Olive Leaf (90 Vegan Tablets)

A natural alternative to drugs for acute & chronic conditions

Acute Conditions:       Take as an alternative or to supplement remedies for cold or flu-like symptoms, kidney, digestive complaints or fever

Chronic/Long Term use: Can be used to assist: poor circulation, lower high blood pressure, detoxification, immune boosting, parasite and microbial elimination including worms, viruses etc. Also used as a memory and libido booster

MSM & Vitamin C with Boron & Minerals

Take with water or juice with medications for pain, arthritis, HRT, poor circulation, cramps and injuries.

Ginkgo Biloba (60 Vegicaps)

Ginkgo is an ancient herbal remedy traditionally used to improve blood circulation especially to the brain thereby assisting in the treatment of poor memory, mental alertness and cold extremities.

Co Enzyme Q10 (30 Vegicaps)

Co Enzyme Q10 plays an important role in energy production in the body and has antioxidant properties. It may be beneficial in treatment of cardiovascular disease and immune support.

MSM (100 Tablets)

MSM is organic sulphur which is naturally occurring. It aids in cell wall permeability, enhances the body’s resistance to allergens, improves absorption of nutrients. It aids in repair & rejuvenation of skin, hair & nails. MSM helps to protect & cleanse the body at cellular level. Also aids in pain relief.

Red Clover – Herbal hormone regulator

A universal SERM or estrogen receptor modifier. Helps relieve bloating, weight gain, hot flushes, exhaustion, acne, asthma. Also as part of cancer treatment e.g.: breast, uterus, cervix and prostrate.

Sweet Potato – Herbal hormone regulator

Helps restore normal, regular menstruation, ease depression, period pains and hot flushes. It acts on the pituitary gland, to stimulate progesterone and to help balance estrogen levels.

Olive Leaf Tincture – for topical use or supplementation

Take as a supplement

To use on the skin: Scabies, Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot etc.


Helps control fever blisters. Herp-Ease is rich in Lysine, which helps to prevent herpes infections.

Tea tree oil

For the treatment of fungal infections and mites.


Health Products

Nature Fresh Herbal Intimate Cleanser (Tea Tree)

Tea Tree helps to control candida and odour. PH balanced to 3.5 to facilitate intimate health and comfort. These assist to prevent odour, infections, itching and burning.

Nature Fresh Herbal Sensitive Body Wash

Gentle, Soothing Body Wash

Nature Fresh Herbal anti-microbial Mouthwash              

Mouthwash gentle to sensitive teeth, ulcers, bleeding gums and sore throats but Tough on odour and germs.

Nature Fresh anti-microbial Toothpaste (Olive Leaf, Aloe bitters, Tea tree oil & cloves)

No Fluoride, bleach, colouring, SLES or parabens. Not harmful if swallowed.

Nature Fresh Toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums – Aloe & propolis

A safe and natural combination of Aloe Ferox and Rooibos tea extracts combined with propolis to help soothe and disinfect as well as protect sensitive or painful mouth tissues and gums. No Fluoride. Environmentally Friendly.

Nature Fresh junior Toothpaste – Creamy Strawberry flavor

Xylitol is a natural tooth and gum protector that fights bacteria and plaque. Calendula, rooibos and aniseed help to soothe and disinfect irritated gums during teeting. Calcium, Magnesium, zinc and trace minerals like sea salt and natural fluoride (homeopathic) help teeth to grow strong. The overall pH is saliva friendly and encourages a healthy, clean, fresh mouth.

Nature Fresh Herbal First Aid Therepy Balm

Allow Mother Nature to heal: Injuries, bruises, lacerations, stings, abrasions, skin infections: acne, athlete’s foot, ulcers

Nature Fresh Herbal Aloe Skin Therapy Gel

Herbal extracts in a soothing gel to help tone and refresh tired, irritated, troubled skin. Use it for rashes, acne, bites, sunburn and for shaving sensitive areas. Natural additives like allatoin, urea and MSM help to restore youth and elasticity.

Nature Fresh Bee Balm

A natural treatment for all cracked and flaky skin or excessive scar tissue. The natural enzymes and Popolis in honey and Papaya together with gentle plant oils and beeswax help to restore skin.

Health Connection Wholefoods – Mustard bath powder

This original recipe mustard bath powder sprinkled into a hot bath helps to relieve muscular aches and pains.

Health Foods – Health Connection Wholefoods

Organic Barley grass powder

Barley grass is a ‘concentrated’ nutritious whole food offering balanced nutrition to the body. Barley grass powder, like most types of vegetable powders, is very easily digested by the body, thus allowing the body to use its nutrients within a matter of minutes. It also has very strong alkalizing effects on the body

Organic Wheat grass powder

This amazing food is very rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, zinc, and protein. Regular consumption of wheatgrass improves the condition of your skin, making it glow radiantly. There are many more health benefits.


These fine white crystals can be used as a sugar substitute. Fructose has a low glycaemic index but like all sugars, should be used in moderation. 


These Xylitol crystals can be used as a sugar substitute. They are similar in sweetness to sugar but contain 41% less energy (50kJ per 5g Xylitol vs. 85kJ per 5g Sugar).

Xylitol Sachets

These Xylitol crystals in convenient sachets can be used as a sugar substitute. They are similar in sweetness to sugar but contain 41% less energy (50kJ per 5g Xylitol vs. 85kJ per 5g Sugar).

Stevia Tablets

To use as a sugar substitute, replace 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1-2 stevia tablets. Dissolve in your favourite beverage.

Carob Chunks

Carob is by its nature milk-free. These delicious carob chunks can be used as a substitute for chocolate in cooking or baking.

Yeast-free Vegetable Stock Powder

This delicious blend of dried vegetables, herbs and spices is ideal for use in soups, stews and casseroles.


Cereal products are by their nature high in energy. Couscous makes a tasty accompaniment to a meal. It is also delicious when used cold in salads.

Gluten-free Flour Mix

This convenient general purpose flour mix can be used as a substitute for wheat flour in cooking or baking. It consists of rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, chickpea flour and xanthan gum.

Organic Cocoa Powder

This cocoa powder is made from organic cocoa beans. It is ideal for making hot chocolate and for use as a flavouring in cooking or baking.


This fine green powder is a whole food supplement produced from microscopic algae. It has a mild, seaweed-like taste and can be mixed into food and drinks. 

Himalayan Crystal Salt (Chunks,       Coarse, Fine) Unrefined

These flavourful salt crystals have been mined from the foothills of the Himalayas, where salt deposits date from hundreds of millions of years ago.

Soya Milk Powder – Lactose Free (SOURCE OF VITAMIN B12 & VITAMIN D)

This soya milk powder, once reconstituted can be enjoyed as a delicious milk alternative by people who are lactose intolerant. It is not suitable for a strict milk-free diet.

Sunflower Seeds

Seeds are by their nature high in energy, protein and fibre. These grey, nut-like seeds have had their husks removed. They are delicious used in baking or added to sweet or savoury dishes.

Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds are by their nature high in energy, protein and fibre. These flat, dark green seeds have a subtly sweet and nutty flavor.

Ultimate Seed Mix

Seeds are by their nature high in energy, protein and fibre. This original seed mix is a combination of brown linseeds, dehusked sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.